Dianne Craft

Dianne Craft

Dianne Craft, President of Child diagnostics, Inc., is considered the leader in Alternative Teaching Strategies by several teaching universities. She has a master’s degree in special education and has over 25 years’ experience teaching bright children who have to work too hard to learn. In her quest to learn more about learning disabilities and their causes, Dianne became a Certified Natural Health Professional to better understand how an upset biochemistry can impact a student’s learning. As a nutritionist, Dianne also specializes in natural treatments for kids with sensory processing dysfunction and focus/attention issues.

She has developed the successful “Three-Pronged Approach” to reducing and eliminating learning disabilities: Brain Integration Therapy, Right Brain “Healing” Teaching Strategies, and Targeted Nutritional Interventions. Parents across the country have seen their children overcome learning struggles using these tools. Dianne has since created remedial programs for reading, writing, spelling and math, which incorporate her powerful midline therapy. Hundreds of teachers and homeschool families are using her alternative teaching strategies to successfully remediate their students. Dianne teaches educators, psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and parents these life-changing concepts directly to so that they can also work with their students and children.

Hi, I’m Dianne Craft. I have a Master’s Degree in Special Education, and have worked with bright hard-working kids and teens who have to work too hard to learn. After homeschooling my child, I taught in the Resource Room in schools. It was my great pleasure to teach my students how to use their brain more efficiently, so they did not struggle with the learning “glitches” (sometimes called disabilities), they had. One of the best ways to access their strong learning door was to show them how to use their Photographic Memory. These students who formerly had struggled with spelling found that they could learn to spell long words forwards and backwards in an afternoon. This completely changed the way they looked at themselves. They were bright, but just not using the skills they had. This is so easy to do, and in this podcast, I will show you how to help your struggling learner, get in touch with the “smart part of themselves.” No writing, no rules, no memorization. Just use the brain like a camera. So fun!

Throughout the Homeschool Solutions programs, I will show parents how to use many strategies to make learning easier. We will learn how to determine what learning gates are blocked for your child, and how you can correct those at home. As a Certified Natural Health Professional, I will share the nutritional interventions we can use to help these wonderful kiddoes focus better, sleep better, and reduce their Sensory Overload. There are so many ways to take the stress off the learning and nervous system, and smooth out the road to learning.

Some Podcast titles we will cover: Using Your Child’s Photographic Memory; Identifying Blocked Learning Gates for a Child Who has to Work too Hard to Learn; Dysgraphia: Correct this at Home; Is My Child Just a Late Bloomer?; Ear Infections and Learning; Dyslexia; Is it Permanent?; Why More Boys with Learning Glitches?