Jennifer Cabrera

Jennifer Cabrera

Jennifer Cabrera, the Hifalutin Homeschooler, is the writer of homeschool truth, humor, and inspiration. Through a sarcastic voice, and the honesty of everyday life as a homeschooler, Jennifer seeks to reach a growing subset of the homeschool community who fell into the task after escaping an academically and morally failing public school system. The “real” experiences and emotions she shares give camaraderie to parents striving to educate their kids at home, and a sense of pride for putting family first. As Hifalutin Homeschooler says, “You don’t have to be perfect to be awesome.”

Jennifer lives in Salado, Texas with her husband and three brilliant boys. She is a licensed Physician Assistant/MPH, but set aside that career for her ultimate life's work.

"Homeschooling is everything I never knew I always wanted to do."

She is also the author of Socialize Like a Homeschooler: A Humorous Homeschool Handbook and Revolting Writing, a hilarious writing, vocabulary, and illustration journal for reluctant writers. She is a featured speaker with Great Homeschool Conventions and her memes and witty insights are widely shared on social media.

Homeschool truth, humor, and inspiration. We’ll poke fun of life as a homeschooler (and those who know nothing of it!) I hope to bring laughter and inspiration to get through the hard days. And empower parents to be strong and take pride in looking out for their family’s education, future, and freedom. “Anything school can do I can do better.”