CM 18: AudioBlog: 5 Ways to Love Being a Homeschool Mama-Jenny Underwood

CM 18: AudioBlog: 5 Ways to Love Being a Homeschool Mama-Jenny Underwood

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Episode 18 AudioBlog: 5 Ways to Love Being a Homeschool Mama-Jenny Underwood

Description: Listen in to today’s audioblog as Jenny Underwood reads her encouraging blog post on five ways to love being a homeschool mama. These points can help you to have a happier home on your homeschooling journey.

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Bio - I’m a stay at home mom to 4 lively blessings, married to the love of my life for 17 & counting years. I’m a Jesus following, mostly falling lover of chocolate, coffee & a good book. I love to spend time outdoors, with a fishing pole, on a creek bank on a lovely Fall day. I hope to bring encouragement to others who are so stressed by our Pinterest perfect lives which are anything but reality. So, grab a cup of coffee and join me..along with my inconvenient family!


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CM EP 18

Julie -

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Five Ways to Love Being a Homeschool Mama

Yikes! You just read my title, Five Ways to Love Being a Homeschool Mama. And I know you started thinking about the awful day you just had, and how you are just not loving it right now. Am I right?

Well, read on, Mama. Here are some ways to help change that right now.

First, stop the comparison. Yes, you read that right. Quit reading all those social media posts where everything is absolutely perfect. You know the ones where the kids are actually dressed by seven AM and have done all their chores. Sure, that's fine if that's how your family flows, but if not, big deal. They aren't perfect, either. You're just seeing a small part of their lives, not the whole movie.

Number two: Find your groove. This is absolutely necessary to your loving being a homeschool Mama. You have to find out who you really are, not what anyone else expects you to be. That is not to say you shouldn't seek wise advice or become the person God made you to be. Actually, quite the opposite. When you become who God truly intends you to be, you will find true joy. So, if you're a mom who loves doing crafts, then make your kid's learning experience centered around crafts and experiment. Or if you're more like me, and love field trips for learning, then go for it. Go on nature walks, days in woods exploring rock formations. Pick up leaves and learn to ID trees. Find your niche. Your happy place. And revel in the freedom of it.

Number three: Don't overload your plate. I am so incredibly guilty of this one. And it completely zaps my happiness. I think, oh, this other project looks awesome, or, my biggest downfall is working from home. I love doing side work to earn extra money. And there is nothing wrong with that. As long as it doesn't stress me out and make me grouchy with my family. I also don't need to be taking so many orders that I have to spend all day on my phone. This goes for any extra activities. Don't volunteer for all the things at church. You have to have energy in order to be joyful.

Number four: Stop wishing for something other than what you've been blessed with. In the Bible, that's called covetousness. And it's really not popular with God. In fact, He despises it so much that it's in the Ten Commandments. So, how do you combat this seemingly natural desire to covet what others have? Be it their income, minivan, or ability to travel. The Bible seems to say that we conquer covetousness by thankfulness. You know that thing we always want our kids to have and be? Thankful, grateful, and happy with what they have. Yep, they come by it naturally. Straight from us, unfortunately.

Number five: Put God first. This is probably the most difficult of all the ways. Why? Because our natural tendency is to put ourselves first. Oh, we don't really like to admit this. We talk about the sacrifices that we make as moms and dads, and they are real, but if we are constantly grouching and complaining and bemoaning those sacrifices, they aren't really sacrifices. As Jesus was crucified, He wasn't groaning about this enormous sacrifice He was making. He just did it. In love. Let's be like that with our families. When we put God first, we're truly happy in our important role as a homeschool Mama.

Dear Mama, you have such an incredibly important job. Don't disdain it. Don't think that one day, you'll finally be able to do something important. This is the job of the century. The job that surpasses all other jobs. However, we don't want to live our lives in comparing, complaining, and living outside the will of God. That's a waste of the life God has blessed us with.

For more tips on cultivating thankfulness, read my article, Thankfulness in the Pain and An Attitude of Gratitude. Find joy, Mama. You won't regret it.

Julie -

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