CM 2 Episode #3 10 Reasons Not to Homeschool Christina Umbriaco

CM 2 Episode #3 10 Reasons Not to Homeschool Christina Umbriaco

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Julie -

Welcome to the Charlotte Mason Show, a podcast dedicated to discussing Ms. Mason's philosophy, principles, and methods. It is our hope that each episode will leave you inspired and offer practical wisdom on how to provide this rich, living education in your modern homeschool. So pull up a chair, we're glad you're here.

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Christina Umbriaco -

Hey friends. Before I talk about my ten reasons not to homeschool, I wanted to preface this post by saying that I absolutely understand that home education is not an option for everyone. I can be snarky from time to time, but please understand that I mean this all in good fun, and it's simply a way for me to cheer you on if you do homeschool. So, here are my ten reasons not to homeschool.

You probably already do homeschool, but you've also probably realized by now how insanely hard it is or can be. So, I've made you a list of a few more reasons why it's probably not a good idea.

Number ten. You'll know the librarians by name, and you're so introverted. This will be really hard on your mental health. Community and all. Talking with other humans in public places, when all you want is peace and quiet and a hot cup of coffee. I get it.

Number nine. You'll have to take your children to the grocery store with you. If you don't have your groceries delivered you might have to take your kids with you. People will give you looks, wonder why school is out, your kids will be telling the cashier all about the red tail hawk they saw that morning, or how it's almost the full worm moon. It'll be so awkward. Oh, and almost everything in life will have a Little House reference.

Number eight. You'll become accustomed to the great outdoors. Negative ions, vitamin D, fresh air. You'll have to learn how to live in it all. And with all the incredible insects too. All that dirt they'll be covered in. It's said to have natural antidepressant effects and healthy microbes, but still, it's so dirty.

Seven. The siblings will fight. A lot. Yes, the siblings will have to learn how to be in a relationship with one another. This could result in a lifetime of friendship. Or not. It's just one of those risks.

Number six. Your kids will learn cursive, how to read a clock, and probably how to speak Latin, but no one writes in cursive anymore. We all have iPhones to tell us the time. And Latin is dead. Oh, and things that will fascinate them might not be the latest trends in pop culture, but instead, whether or not you've read the entire Bible. Seeing a Vermeer painting in real life, and a deer carcass they found in the woods. Gross.

Number five. Your grocery bill will go way up. Like, way up. You'll have to feed them three square meals, plus snacks. And it'll be up to you which nutrient-dense foods they'll be getting. It's going to be expensive.

Number four. You might start to matter more than their peers. Oh, my gosh, I mean, having a secure attachment to a parent produces a wealth of benefits for their mental and emotional health, but we want them to like their friends. Oh, wait. They won't have any friends because they're homeschooled.

Number three. You'll work for free. But you're a mom, so you're accustomed, but still. A high grocery bill, and no pay? Hope you like rice and beans.

Number two. You'll have to relearn everything you forgot from your own schooling. Oh, man. All the hard stuff too. Darn.

And the Number One reason not to homeschool is, you'll have to spend all day with your kids. They're growing so fast. You miss them when they're gone, but really, yep. You'd have to be around them more. Every ridiculously cute thing they say, every new accomplishment. You'll have to witness that.

If after hearing all those terrible things about homeschooling, and you still decide it's the best option for your family, then to you brave souls, I would say, remember, that with every single hardship, a seed of beauty is sown. With every dollar not made, a connection grows stronger. With every unscheduled quiet time, a childhood memory is planted. To you brave Mama, you might be stretched and challenged in ways you never thought possible on this journey. But don't you wanna look back and know that you did your very best to protect and raise your children so that your heart and conscious align? Don't you wanna look back and know that you did your very best to give them the education you know they deserve? Take heart. You're on a good path. And you're gonna rock it.

Julie -

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