CM 32 Audioblog Jennifer Pepito 5 Tips to Thrive in a Crisis

CM 32 Audioblog Jennifer Pepito 5 Tips to Thrive in a Crisis

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Meet Jennifer:


Jennifer Pepito is the mother of seven children, who she has homeschooled from the beginning. Her oldest daughter is a law student studying abroad, and her oldest son is an honors business student at a nearby university.

When she discovered that her second daughter had learning disabilities, Jennifer became an avid student of child development, learning from innovators and researchers such as Carol Stock Kranowitz, Gordon Neufield, John Taylor Gatto, Jane Healy, Maria Montessori, Kim John Payne, and Charlotte Mason. The Peaceful Press resources were born out of these years of research, and Jennifer has a passion to equip families to homeschool in a way that is developmentally appropriate, spiritually nourishing, and based on proven methods of education.

Jennifer is a Simplicity Parenting Coach, Certified Life Coach, and is currently pursuing Early Childhood Development credits in order to ensure that Peaceful Press families are getting the best resources based on current research about learning, while continuing to integrate time honored educational philosophy put forward by Charlotte Mason and Maria Montessori.

She is a regular contributor for the Wild and Free homeschool community, and has been published in several online journals and print articles.

You can hear an interview with her on The Mason Jar podcast, The Read Aloud Revival podcast, and The Homeschool Snapshots podcast.


A Charlotte Mason Companion by Karen Andreola

Show Transcript:

Julie -

Welcome to the Charlotte Mason Show. A podcast dedicated to discussing Ms. Mason's philosophies, principles, and methods. It is our hope that each episode will leave you inspired and offer practical wisdom on how to provide this rich living education in your modern homeschool. So, pull up a chair. We're glad you're here.

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This is Jennifer Pepito with The Peaceful Press, and I'm sharing five tips to help your homeschool thrive in crisis.

This COVID 19 crisis is unprecedented in our lifetime. And we all have different ways of surviving. In this post, I wanna share five ideas that are helping me, and I hope they encourage you as well.

The first idea is, make your bed. I'm listening to the book, Make Your Bed, by William H. McRaven, and I'm reminded of how important it is to keep basic habits going so that we have anchors for our daily life. If you can continue your normal morning routine, you can help your children have safe spots in their day, despite the upheaval.

Number two, take it day by day. If we try to forecast how long this will last or the long-term impact on our children of missing out on classes and lessons and play dates, we'll drive ourselves crazy. If instead, we take this one day at a time and just make each day as happy as possible, we can build sweet memories with our children despite the scary situation.

Number three, read aloud. All of the books we read... Little House on the Prairie, Sarah, Plain and Tall, Little Britches, The Endurance, and many more, are reminding us that we will be okay. Ma survived the long winter, the Shackleton Expedition survived a year in the polar ice, and we can survive too. This, too, shall pass, and we can do our best to make it a season that pulls us together instead of causing us to fall apart.

Number four, take care of your health. Get out for a walk, drink plenty of water, turn off your phone, and get plenty of sleep. These habits can make the difference between surviving and merely coping.

And number five, get outside. When we're inside dealing with the new normal, life can feel very chaotic. But it's much easier to feel calm when we're outside in nature. It's a good time to explore new nature reserves and wild places while giving other people plenty of social distance. If you don't have wild places nearby, you can make your yard or balcony a little bit wild by adding elements such as a sand table or a box and potting soil for planting veggies and other natural items.

We're excited about getting outside with our children this spring, and the one-month nature guides from the Peaceful Press can give you some great ideas for learning with nature themes as well. If you find yourself in need of some inspiration, while you practice social distancing, these guides can help.

Julie -

Thank you for joining us today on the Charlotte Mason Show. I'm your host, Julie Ross, and I would love to meet you in 2020. I will be at all seven Great Homeschool Conventions, speaking as part of their Charlotte Mason Track. Go to to find one near you.

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