S5E4 | Homeschooling Through Challenges: Chronic Illness (with Carrie Ballentine)

S5E4 | Homeschooling Through Challenges: Chronic Illness (with Carrie Ballentine)

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Chronic illness can be an unexpected challenge that makes many aspects of life more difficult, as today’s guest Carrie Ballentine talks about with Julie Ross. She addresses the effects on homeschooling alongside daily pain and what lessons she has learned in this season.

Guest biography

Throughout Carrie’s life, God has been teaching her that He has written her story and has a perfect and sovereign plan for her life. Having given her heart to Jesus at a young age, Carrie knew of God’s deep love for her, but it wasn’t until facing a series of difficult events that she truly began to understand this amazing love as God has drawn her into a deepening intimacy with Himself. She has also come to truly understand the truth that she can do all things through Christ who gives her strength (Philippians 4:13) as she lives each day in pain due to a chronic illness. She has found that He will always provide the grace that she needs for each and every day as He has proven Himself to be good and faithful in the midst of the hardest circumstances.

Carrie and her husband John live in Columbia, SC with their four children, Jacob (20), Anna Greer (18), Ben (14), and Lolly (11). Carrie currently homeschools two of her children, and the other two are in college each pursuing what they have always dreamed of doing. Carrie has been leading worship and teaching God’s Word for over 20 years, and recorded an album with Called Worship entitled “Fixing Our Eyes” in 2016. She is passionate about pursuing authenticity in her relationship with God and others. She desires to come alongside women as they seek healing and wholeness found in Christ alone.

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