S5E5 | Shakespeare and Plutarch Don’t Have to Be Scary (with Rachel Lebowitz)

S5E5 | Shakespeare and Plutarch Don’t Have to Be Scary (with Rachel Lebowitz)

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Plutarch and Shakespeare can both be intimidating, but they don’t have to be when you have an understanding of the benefits they bring to your homeschool! Julie talks with Rachel Lebowitz of A Charlotte Mason Plenary about why it is relevant and valuable to include their writings, and ways to make it easier for your family to use these important parts of a Charlotte Mason education.

Guest biography

Rachel Lebowitz is the owner of A Charlotte Mason Plenary, an expert on the Charlotte Mason Philosophy of Education, a Home Education Consultant, and the author of The Annotated Charlotte Mason Series and The Annotated Plutarch Series.

The philosophy behind A Charlotte Mason Plenary can be summed up in two words: Your Way.

Rachel unabashedly reminds parents that Charlotte’s philosophy is a method, not a system, and that your homeschool should be adapted to uniquely fit your family.

She has created an approach to homeschooling that meets families where they are in their homeschool journey, gives parents permission to forge their own path, and creates a homeschool that is uniquely tailored to each family’s needs.

No matter your circumstances, Rachel’s trademark approach, Charlotte Mason Your Way, can help you have a more peaceful and a more productive homeschool.

Learn how her “Charlotte Mason Your Way” approach can make your homeschool more joyful and more effective.


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