S9 E19 | Hearing God's Voice (Jeannie Fulbright with Mary Ann Otley)

S9 E19 | Hearing God's Voice (Jeannie Fulbright with Mary Ann Otley)

Show Notes:

Jeannie chats with Mary Ann Otley, the founder of Love Triumphs! a ministry designed to lead women into a closer walk with Jesus, where they can be transformed by His love. Mary Ann shares the story of her childhood trauma and how Jesus brought her total healing. In addition to lots of wisdom regarding our relationship with our children, Mary Ann also discusses the format for her Journaling with Jesus classes and the steps for quieting our hearts so we can hear from God.

About Mary Ann

Like so many women, I experienced the humiliation and shame of being sexually abused as a child. I coped by internalizing the pain and tried to create my own happiness for decades. I lost my bearings as I sought to be accepted from people that could not fill the void in my heart. I felt like a pinball in a pinball machine bouncing from one crisis to the next, experiencing one disappointment after another. The anguish I had experienced for decades began to be relieved as I found the answers to three questions: “What is Real?” “What is Important? “What’s the truth?” I discovered the pathway to healing from a place, I least expected it. And I found that pure love really does exist, healing can happen, freedom is within our grasp. Just as I was led along this healing path, my mission through Love Triumphs is to guide other women along their path of healing and freedom. To learn more, read my story Love Triumphs! Rescued from the Deep Wounds and Dark Secrets of Childhood Sexual Abuse.

About Jeannie

Jeannie Fulbright, a 24-year veteran homeschooler, is the author of the #1 best-selling, multi award-winning Apologia Young Explorer science series: Exploring Creation with Astronomy, Chemistry and Physics, Botany, Zoology, and Anatomy & Physiology. She is also the author of the action-packed historical time travel book series Rumble Tumbles Through Time, as well as preschool science books and activity kits, the Charlotte Mason Heirloom Planner, and many high-quality Charlotte Mason based products. Jeannie and her husband Jeff became empty nesters in 2019. All four of their children all went to the University of Georgia on scholarship (homeschooling works!). For more than 20 years Jeannie has traveled around the country speaking to homeschoolers at conventions, covering a plethora of topics from Charlotte Mason to marriage and prayer.


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Show Transcript:

Jeannie Fulbright Welcome to the Charlotte Mason Show, a podcast that is all things Charlotte Mason and her tried and true philosophy of education designed to help you homeschool with more confidence, joy and success. It is our hope that you'll find golden nuggets that will transform the way you think and the way you homeschool. I'm your host, author of the bestselling Charlotte Mason science curriculum, Jeannie Fulbright, and I am so glad you joined me today.

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Jeannie Fulbright Welcome back to the Charlotte Mason Show. I'm so excited you're joining me today because I am excited to introduce you to a sweet friend of mine, Mary Ann Otley, who is a homeschool veteran and the founder of an incredible ministry called Love Triumphs. And this ministry is really incredible. I've been involved with it for a while now, and what Mary Ann does is she helps transform people's lives by helping women, ushering women into a more intimate relationship with Jesus, helping them to hear his voice, to experience and know his love. So, Mary Ann, thank you so much for joining me today.

Mary Ann Otley Thank you, Jeannie. It's really exciting to be here.

Jeannie Fulbright So I have personally been super blessed by your Journaling with Jesus classes and also the discipleship training, but I have to say that it's unlike anything I've ever experienced in my walk with God. Can you share with us how Journaling with Jesus, your ministry, the sacred prayer ministry, is different from Bible studies and prayer groups and other kinds of classes that we as Christians typically join.

Mary Ann Otley Absolutely. Well, just a little bit of backstory. When I was a young girl, I was sexually abused by my father. And so I grew up with a shattered heart. And I became a Christian when I was in my late 30s, early 40s. And I dove in and I thought, if I get this, you know, I'm going to be healed, right? And so I went to every Bible study, read the Bible through and through, and fell in love with Jesus, but never got the healing that I wanted. And I always thought I was doing something wrong. Maybe I'm not praying right, maybe I'm not reading enough verses. And then I had a crisis, a health crisis, a depression crisis and it was really affecting our family, our marriage. I'm homeschooling with three children, and I'm sleeping 20 hours a day. It was a huge crisis. And so my husband really began praying. And a woman named Elsie came into my life. I was probably mid-forties, she was in her mid to late 70s, and long story short, she helped me to take my heartbreak to Jesus and listen to what he had to say about it. And that was life changing for me. And I began to heal when Jesus began lifting the pain and telling me who I was, who he was, my value, his value, the people who hurt me, their value and hearing that kind, gentle, righteous, firm, but beautifully tender voice really began healing my own heart. And so, I was taught to take every emotion to him so that he could make me whole. That 1 Peter 5:7, "Cast all your cares upon him so that he can care for you," became just living and breathing. And then, 2020, we had moved to Atlanta. I didn't know a lot of people here yet, but Covid hit and I felt God say, start a Zoom prayer room. And we did, and we were all in crisis — our kids were in crisis, we were in crisis, we were losing people, our loved ones, people were sick and we couldn't get to them... Isolated, I mean, everyone knows what Covid was like. And so people were coming in with current crises and it also triggered a lot of old unresolved wounds. And we found very shortly that traditional prayer group wasn't going to cut it. People were giving advice, people had different, you know, different denominations, had different prayer styles, and so my husband and I prayed, it's like, Lord, how do we honor everyone's different denominational views on prayer and styles of prayer and yet still heard the one who's just totally, you know, devastated on that prayer call. And he simply said... Tom and I prayed and we both heard Jesus say, "Bring her to me." And I had always asked Jesus for a spirit of the fear of the Lord and I really felt that the spirit of the fear of the Lord was imparted to me that day. And so, the prayer room had grown to four prayer rooms. I went back and told everyone, everyone agreed and so when someone was hurting, we would take how she felt to the Lord and he would talk to her about it, and it just blew our minds. And so then, we started recording everything he said. And we would begin a prayer session by worshiping him, by meditating on his word, by reading it out loud, by receiving a father's blessing. And then we would just journal the questions that were on our heart, either about that scripture or just things that, you know, my husband is in the hospital. What do you want me to know about him being in the hospital? How do you want me to care for my kids today? And we would just journal the things that he told us and we were amazed at the peace he gave us, the practical instructions he gave us, and Covid stopped, but we never stopped meeting. And so now we have 17 Journaling with Jesus groups. And, we have a guidebook that helps us with 52 different sessions based on 52 different scriptural passages. And we found a way to connect to the heart of God. And none of us are the same. He's just totally won us over.

Jeannie Fulbright Yes, every time I go to Journaling with Jesus, the Lord speaks to me and tells me things. He's either giving me direction or showing me an area where I need healing, or he's constantly doing something powerfully in my life. And I just feel like so many years of my walk with the Lord has just... I hadn't had that one on one intimacy with the Lord that I feel the Journaling with Jesus class does. Can you explain to me the different steps and what the significance of each step is? The soaking in worship, the meditating on the word, the blessing, and then the journaling?

Mary Ann Otley Absolutely. So what we found, what we discovered, is that the hardest thing that we had to do was to be still. And his voice is still and small. And so we would ask Jesus, "In what ways can we be still? How can we, like Elijah did, hear that still small voice?" And we really felt that it was Jesus that guided us to breathe and to breathe in his name. And so we breathe in God's name just to dial down — the sacred name of God. He said, "Trust in me with all your heart, and don't lean on your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge me, and I will direct your paths." And so breathing his name like breathe in "Yah" breathe out "Weh". I maybe, you know, it's hard to use hard J, so maybe Yeshua, but do that seven times. Like if you breathe in seven times, about the fifth or sixth breath, you start focusing on his name. Takes about 5 or 6 breaths just to kind of dial down and say, "Okay, Lord, I'm acknowledging you." Right? So that's a step to dial down. And then we have a Journaling with Jesus playlist that is full of over, I think, around 80 plus songs that are really designed to help us focus on God's love and focus on his nearness. And so we always play one or two songs just to help our hearts become tender to his love, into his nearness. And then we read Scripture out loud because faith comes by hearing, hearing the Word of God. And so we might read Psalm 23, three times and we're listening for the Holy Spirit to emphasize, each one of us individually, parts of that passage. So he might say, "The Lord is my shepherd. You have everything you need," to one woman. Another woman, the words that might be emphasized to her is that, "Surely goodness and mercy follow me all the days of my life." And we would then underline the parts of the passages we think are speaking directly to us. And those are the things that we journal a little bit later. And then after we meditate on Scripture, and we just really let the truth guide us, his truth guide us, we receive a father's blessing. And the reason why the father's blessing is so important is because the father's blessing is spoken as if the father was reading Psalm 23 over us. What that does is it reminds us of how near and how tender and how loving he is. Oftentimes we read the word and we think God's mad at us, and the father's blessing helps us to be reminded that that was all paid for at the cross. We need to abide in his love so we know how to walk out that mandate to love. And then we asked the questions: how are you shepherding me today? Right? And how is your goodness and mercy following me today? I don't see it. And we encourage women to write those questions out because if we don't, we'll get caught in that hamster wheel of self-talk and we'll talk ourselves out of talking to God. But if we journal to him, we're dialoging to the person of Jesus Christ. And almost before we finish writing that sentence or that question out, he's answering, and then we write the answers. And at the end, we all share what we think we heard and that helps us glean, you know, from his character, learn how he ministers to each other and holds us accountable. You know, maybe someone thought they heard him say, "I'm really disappointed in you." We'd say, "Hey, let's go back and ask him again." You know? Lord, you disappointed? And he'll say, "No, I love you. I believe in you." He'll say something so empowering, so uplifting. And, so that's the process: it's dialing down, it's worship, meditating on the word of God, receive a father's blessing, journal the heart questions, and share.

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Jeannie Fulbright And so how do you... We talked about this last week, so I want you to share with my listeners: how do we discern the voice of God versus the enemy's voice?

Mary Ann Otley Well, we're going to hear the enemy's voice, we're going to hear our voice — that's just that's such a good question because that's the reality. There's so many voices that are competing for our attention. And number one: God's voice will never contradict his word. And, in our book, The Journaling with Jesus Sacred Prayer Guidebook, we have about five different pages that help a person kind of go through the process of, what does God's voice sound like? You know, it's the fruit of the spirit. His voice will sound like love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. It will sound like his kingdom — love, joy, peace and righteousness. The kindness of God leads us to repentance. He kindly and gently leads us to righteousness. He gently unfolds trauma or hurt or abuse. He's very clear on how he guides us in next steps, he wants us to focus on today and not tomorrow. Right? And so in our book, we show a lot about this is what God's voice sounds like scripturally and experientially what we've experienced in the last four years, and this is what your enemy voice sounds like, and this is what our voice can sound like. We have that inner critic that can get in the way. And so how do we be still, resist those voices so we can hear that that tender, gentle voice of God?

Jeannie Fulbright Yes. Even when God is correcting us, he does it in a way that doesn't make us feel condemned. He does it in a way that makes us feel inspired to be transformed by him. And I love how you talk so much about how God's love is what transforms us, and knowing his love and understanding his love is, I think, one thing... So many Christians, they live their lives without really believing that God is good and God loves them.

Mary Ann Otley Yes, yes, I agree. I think we've missed knowing that his love contains wisdom and his love contains knowledge and his love contains plans. It's not just his affections toward us, it's who he is in and through us. And so I know that I went to counseling for over a decade, and then I went to every Bible study and women's event I could get my hand on, every deliverance and healing event I could go to because my heart hurt so desperately. I had, like an acid-like pain in my chest that never went away. And it wasn't until I experienced God's love that he lifted it. I used to try to subdue it or medicate it. Right? And he lifted it by me experiencing him. For example, one night I was really praying and I told God in my prayers, I'm so dry and I'm so thirsty. And I felt him say, I'm right here. And then he said, let me in. And I'm like, I already received you as my savior. You know, I don't know what you mean. And as soon as I said that, I knew there were parts of my heart I hadn't let anyone into. And I told him, it's dirty in there, you know, I have to clean it up first. And he said, no, it's the only way is for me to come in there. And so I told him, I don't know how to let you in. And then he left. the voice was gone, and I closed my eyes. And wouldn't you know, I then am in this vision of me being in my heart and it was like a cell with no doors. And oh, now I'm in this depression, I just got over it and I've got kids to raise, I don't know how to get out of this place. And I saw a light, from the top of that prison beaming down to a floor. And on the floor was Jesus. And he was on his hands and knees with a scrub brush and a bucket. And he just started scrubbing all those depression and all the sins of my past — he was cleaning them. And I looked at him thinking, oh my goodness, the King of the universe has gone to the darkest place of my heart. And everywhere he scrubbed, there was light and it really gave me... The Bible started coming to life about how he takes our sins upon himself, he cleanses us with his blood, he lifts our heads, he comes in and makes a space, he carves out a space in our heart to live. And so I think we need to be open. Just, "Lord Jesus, just help me get out of the way and show me how you want to be in me. And I don't think he'll ever deny that prayer.

Jeannie Fulbright Yes. And, a lot of what I've heard you talked about is just knowing God's voice and just that sweet, gentle voice of God. That understanding, compassionate Lord, that we serve, but that also when someone is sharing with us their hurts and a problem they're having, we often go into information mode and data and here's what you need to do and just basically, we go into our list and we're going to help you. We're going to help you get over this and we know exactly what you need to do. And can you share a little bit about about your thoughts on that?

Mary Ann Otley Oh, absolutely. So yeah, we all go into rescue mode, and we've really been influenced by our culture. It's an information age, and we really believe that the more information that we can give somebody, the better they'll feel and the more they'll be okay. And it's just not true. It's the more information, the more weight they put in their backpack that they're carrying around. I've done it, I'll do it again, we've all done it. We see a problem, and the answer's so clear to us. But the reality is that we want to fix it. Jesus wants to resolve her greatest fear. There's different initiatives going on. We're like, we want to remove her pain. He wants her to rely on him. And so our information isn't helping her do that. But if we listened, if someone said, "I'm devastated, my son got in a car accident, and it was right before he graduated from college, and he's going to be in the hospital for a month. And all of a sudden, you know, I have this crisis on my hands. I have kids, I'm homeschooling at home. I don't know what to do." The best thing to do is tell her, "Wow, that's a lot and I'm here for you. And how are you feeling?" And if she says, "I'm devastated, I'm overwhelmed. I don't know what to do." Take that to Jesus. Take how she's feeling... "Let's take how you feel to Jesus right now. And let's ask him what he wants you to know." And she'll say, "I'm devastated and I'm overwhelmed and I'm scared for his life and I'm afraid for his future." And it's like, "Lord, what do you want her to know about how she's feeling?" And he'll tell her, "I'm with him. I have a plan. I love you. You're doing great." He will do something that will lift her head and lift all that weight from her. And we're trying to fix the problem. He's just wanting to resolve her fear. Because we just have today and he will help her with what she needs to know today concerning her life, her son, her children.

Jeannie Fulbright Yeah, that's just bringing them to Jesus. Let's take this to Jesus, I'm not going to give you all the answers. I'm going to let Jesus give you what he wants to give you for this situation.

Mary Ann Otley Exactly. Because if you think about it, when we're hurting, we don't want someone to try to fix us. You know? That's not fun. We usually have to spend a lot of time now being polite to them while we're carrying this heavy weight. Right? So we really need to be sensitive to how everyone's feeling. Have confidence that Jesus is near and that if we bring her to him, he will do something: he will give her peace, he'll answer prayer, and maybe she'll hear it.

Jeannie Fulbright Yes. You know, one thing that I remember you mentioning was how us parents, when we're handling our children and the things that are going on with them, oftentimes the voice in the way that we speak to them is not the love and acceptance that they desperately need. And a lot of times, that is what kind of gets in the way of our relationship with our children. Can you share a little bit more about that?

Mary Ann Otley Oh, sure. Yes. Basically what we believe God has showed us is that we have confused our children's identity with their behavior. And so we will treat them like they're behaving rather than treat them like who they are. So, for example, all of our children are significant. All of our children have been given gifts. All of our children have a purpose. All of our children are loved by God — Most of our children aren't going to behave that way. I didn't, you know? And so we end up... Like, my example is looking at my son and being disappointed that, "You didn't take out the garbage again. And now the garbage man came in the garbage wasn't out there." And a different way to respond to our children is to let them know, I love you, I'm happy to see you, I'm glad you walked in the room, you are significant to us, you're valuable to me, and then let's talk about your behavior: "You know, I noticed that the garbage man came and the garbage wasn't out. What can we do to resolve this?" It doesn't mean that they're going to take out the garbage the next time. But what it does mean is our relationship is intact. We're treating each other with dignity and respect. And that's what I believe Jesus has been telling us: how important it is to treat our children with dignity and respect, and to know that they're going to test boundaries for a long time. And it's hard. It's not easy. And as somebody who homeschooled and now my children are all adults, I tried every technique to make it easier, better, you know, and they all worked for a while, but they're human beings that are testing boundaries, and they have to learn about Jesus on their own. They can't do it because I did it. I am not a Christian because my mom was a Christian, and my kids won't be a Christian because I'm a Christian. My kids will be truly, genuinely Christian because they know Jesus. And so the he told us the most important thing to do is value the relationship. Be patient and speak to them about their behavior with dignity and respect. And you know what? Sometimes it's really hard. And we didn't always do it well.

Jeannie Fulbright Yeah, it is a challenge at times because we are also not perfect. So we fall into these behavior patterns that also need to be corrected when we're dealing with our children. I remember when I was a young homeschool mom, one thing I always tried to tell myself is these children, in God's eyes, they're already grown up seated in the heavenlies with him. So when you're looking at them, when you're talking to them, talk to them as if they are the person that God knows they are and will be in the future and just seeing them through God's eyes so that I could treat them the way God would want me to treat one of his children, somebody he loves.

Mary Ann Otley Yes, somebody he's cleansed, somebody he's been patient with, somebody he's grown into. And on our website, lovetriumphs.com, if you go to the resource pages, there's a free downloadable resource that says, I am a child of God. And it has who am I in the father? Who am I in this son? Who am I in the spirit? And it's just a great prayer point for our kids to be praying in our prayer closet: you know, Tommy, you are significant, Johnny, you have a purpose, Iris, you've been given gifts... Just to remind ourselves that that truly is the way they are and who they are. I find it to be a really good resource. I use it all the time.

Jeannie Fulbright Yes, definitely. Knowing the truth, speaking the truth. So I go to the Journaling with Jesus in person, and it's a big group of women, really, really wonderful experience. But I talked to you a few weeks ago and I know that you have been doing Zoom classes and you started out this way. And I asked you, "Well also is Zoom..." Because it's pretty powerful, all of us in the room together, doing Journaling with Jesus together in person. But I asked you, "Are the Zoom classes as powerful?" So, will you share a little bit about how you do Journaling with Jesus through Zoom?

Mary Ann Otley Oh, sure. Yeah, it's different. And in ways it's just as powerful in that number one, we can see each other, we can see each other. And so it's evident that we're here. He shows up on zoom or, or in person. But what happens on zoom is that, we worship. We read the scriptures out loud. Just like we do a father's blessing. And then we share and we can all see each other when we're sharing. And, we have Zoom on Tuesday nights, on Wednesdays. And it's remarkable. It's remarkable. There are people who've been coming for years that just for years, actually for four years that have never stopped. And, Jesus shows up, Jesus talks to us, we share what he tells us. And yeah, like you said, it started on zoom. And, wherever we are willing to be genuine and transparent with him, we will hear him whether we're in person or whether we're on Zoom.

Jeannie Fulbright So, Mary Ann, you have written a couple of books. Can you share about the first book that you wrote?

Mary Ann Otley Sure. The first book is Love Triumphs!: Rescued from the Deep Wounds and Dark Secrets of Childhood Sexual Abuse. And it's a very easy read, but it also is... If you have experienced that, you will probably relate to a lot of things that you might have felt, you might have experienced. The beauty of the book — it tells how Jesus healed me of a lot of pain and suffering and shame and rejection and fear and guilt, and how he lifted that and made me whole. And then it's a beautiful love story and Jesus is the hero in the book.

Jeannie Fulbright That is beautiful.

Mary Ann Otley The second book is called The Book of Remembrance, and the first time I shared my story, it was in a large group. And I sat down and I was just feeling very raw about sharing everything about my life. And the conference leader came over and said, "Are you okay?" And I said, "No, I think I made a mistake. I'm afraid that they're not going to let their kids play with mine." And, you know, "I just feel like we made a mistake." And he took a page from his notebook and he folded it, and he handed it to me and he said, "Well, this is a record of your sins." And I thought, you took notes? I mean, that's crazy. And I sat down and thought, I have to look at what he wrote. And it was a blank page. And so A Book of remembrance, A Record of Your Sins is a gift book, that anybody who's dealing with shame, that when they open up, each page just says forgiven. And then the third book that we've written, my husband and I wrote together is called Journaling with Jesus - A Sacred Prayer Guidebook: Embracing the Fullness of God's Love. In it, it shares how to lead Journaling with Jesus, it shares resource pages on how to connect with the love of God, and then 52 Journaling with Jesus sessions. And the beauty about Journaling with Jesus, it really is allowing Jesus to have the voice in the room and really allowing Jesus to be the teacher and allowing Jesus to be the healer. We share how really easy that is and the big part is kind of getting out of his way. And so, we have step by step instructions on how to be in a Journaling with Jesus group.

Jeannie Fulbright I love that, that's awesome. Well, I've loved Journaling with Jesus. I'm so grateful that the Lord has led you into starting this ministry and helping others to connect with the love of Jesus, to be healed by Jesus himself because I feel like so often we're looking in every other place to get our healing. But really, it's him who, if we go to him, he is the one who can heal our hearts, heal our broken hearts, whether it's small broken heartedness or big broken heartedness, he wants to heal it and he will do it.

Mary Ann Otley Amen. I don't know that a heart can really be broken without him, really can be repaired without him. I just think there's nobody like him.

Jeannie Fulbright I agree. Well, Mary Ann, thank you so much for joining me and sharing your gift and the blessings that God has brought into your life and how you share that with everybody else. So people who might want to perhaps join a Journaling with Jesus class or learn more about your ministry, where can they find you?

Mary Ann Otley We're at LoveTriumphs.com or JournalingWithJesus.org — that will take you to the same website. On there, hit the tab Schedule and you'll find the Journaling with Jesus options. You can leave a message, you can listen to podcasts. There's a lot on the website, but if you're interested, just reach out to me through the website and we'll help you find the right group. And it's amazing right now how Journaling with Jesus is growing. There's Journaling with Jesus for women, and there's journaling with Jesus for women who have experienced in abortion or women who are going through a divorce, so there's all kinds of options to help us get through the things that we've gone through and the things that we're going through right now.

Jeannie Fulbright Yes, I love how it is growing and it's expanding and more leaders are popping up in different locations and bringing more Journaling to Jesus around the city and around the world with the Zoom classes, so thank you for that.

Mary Ann Otley Absolutely. Thank you, Jeannie. It's been such a delight, thank you.

Jeannie Fulbright Thank you. Okay, we thank you for listening to the Charlotte Mason Show. And please reach out to Mary Ann if you're interested in Journaling with Jesus, which has been a huge blessing for me. And I look forward to talking to y'all again next time.

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