393 | The Power of "Yes" and "No" in Your Homeschool (Sean Allen)

393 | The Power of "Yes" and "No" in Your Homeschool (Sean Allen)

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Our lives consist of an innumerable series of "Yes's" and "No's". Our job is to make sure we're giving the right answers to the right questions and this certainly applies to our homeschools. Are we saying "Yes" to things that are proving a distraction to our homeschool and ultimately our family? Are we too often saying "No" to simple requests on the part of our children to spend time with them? Our homeschooling efforts are made up of such questions and our respective answers determine their ultimate success or failure.

About Sean

Sean Allen is the founder of The Well Ordered Homeschool, husband to his beautiful bride Caroline and a proud father of eight. He has a bachelor of fine arts in graphic design and is passionate about creating materials to assist parents in the incredibly challenging, yet surpassingly beautiful, work of schooling and training their children at home.


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