Episode 305 | Finding Community as a Homeschooler

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On this episode, you will learn about the importance of finding community as a homeschooler and how to find your people within the homeschooling world. You will learn tips on how to find local community as well as what the difference is between a co-op, an umbrella school, and a tutorial. You will also learn about finding community using social media. Your homeschooling besties can be just one message away. You will also hear some tips on starting your own homeschooling community if there isn’t already one in your area.

Host biography

Serena Ryan is the founder of The Confident Homeschooler. After a turbulent start homeschooling her own children, she became passionate about helping other parents with an interest in homeschooling get started with success and confidence. Serena lives in Franklin, Tennessee with her husband, sons, and dogs. Serena was a Registered Nurse who left her career to homeschool her two sons, as well as help her husband run their online marketing business. She loves spreading awareness about the beauty of homeschooling and empowering parents. Serena created her e-course, Homeschool With Confidence, to equip parents with everything they need to get started.


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