HS 203 - [AUDIOBLOG] - There's No Silver Bullet in Homeschooling by Judy Sarden

HS 203 - [AUDIOBLOG] - There's No Silver Bullet in Homeschooling by Judy Sarden

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Judy Sarden encourages moms not to feel like their homeschooled kids are "missing out" if they are not attending public school. She gives reasons as to why moms should feel confident and be encouraged that your child is receiving an education that schools could never begin to give your child.

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Books: Sarden's Practical Guide: How to Start Homeschooling

Judy is a 2020 GHC Featured Speaker @ OH and CA Homeschool Conventions.

Judy's Podcast: The How to Homeschool Podcast.

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HS 203 [AUDIOBLOG] There's No Silver Bullet in Homeschooling

WENDY – Well hey there. Welcome to the Homeschool Solutions podcast. I’m your host, Wendy Speake. Here on the podcast, we start each week with a longer, more traditional podcast, most often with guests but sometimes we simply open the word together and apply it directly to our homeschooling days.

On Thursdays however, we share shorter episodes that I like to call blogcasts, where one of our favorite homeschool bloggers simply encourages us with the content of one of their recent blog posts. I hope this message serves you and your family today.

As always, I’d like to thank our sponsor, Sonlight curriculum. The wonderful people at Sonlight Curriculum offer complete homeschool curriculum that you are guaranteed to love.

And now, let me introduce you to one of my friends.

JUDY – My name is Judy Sarden and I am author of Sarden’s Practical Guide: How to Start Homeschooling. You can find that on my website at www.judysarden.com/homeschool or you can find it at Amazon.

I speak with the Great Homeschool Conventions. This year I will be in Cincinnati in April and also California in June, so I’d love to meet you while I’m there. And, one of the things that I hear from people so often is, that they’re afraid that they’re going to miss something when they’re homeschooling their kids. And that’s… a lot of times, one of the things that makes people not homeschool, or makes people delay homeschooling. There’s this fear of missing out – F.O.M.O – you know, fear that they’re gonna miss something and ruin their kid.

And so, the blog post that really, I think, means a lot to me, and I honestly… I’ve been homeschooling for eight years and I still have to remember this, on at least a quarterly basis. The title of this blog post is, there is No Silver Bullet in Homeschooling.

And the reason why this really means a lot to me is because I have to remind myself of that. Because there really is no silver bullet. So, I’m gonna go ahead and read the blog post to you and I hope that this helps you whether you’re thinking about homeschooling or whether you’re in the throes of homeschooling. Just remember that it’s really gonna be okay.

Alright, here we go….

One of the things that people say to me most often is that they fear homeschooling, or they may want to stop homeschooling because they feel like they aren’t doing enough for their kids. And it’s almost as if homeschooling parents think that there’s some silver bullet that they’re going to miss when they’re homeschooling their kid.

And I just wanna remind people, if you go to a school in Washington state, and then go to another school in Los Angeles, California, and then go to another school someplace in Oklahoma. Go to another one in Milwaukee. Go to another one in New York. And go to another one in Florida. Each one of those schools is going to be doing something different on any particular day. Right? So, no matter where you go, every school is implementing their interpretation of whatever their state standards are, which they’re different in every state. They’re implementing their version of whatever the thing is that that particular school district has decided that kids of a certain age should learn.

And it’s all different. But they’re all accomplishing the same thing. But school districts aren’t concerned about whether they’re missing a silver bullet. They just come up with a curriculum and they’re implementing it.

But for some reasons, we as homeschoolers feel like there’s some magic bullet that we’re missing. You know, one of the things… I live in Georgia… one of the things that’s required in elementary school is an entire year of Georgia history. Well guess what? The kids in Missouri are not spending a year studying Georgia history. In fact, no one anywhere else in any other state is spending a year studying Georgia history.

And so those other states are not afraid of missing a silver bullet because they didn’t study Georgia history, right? So, I just want to remind parents and kind of put it in perspective when you are putting together a curriculum for your child.

The first thing that I suggest is obviously, if you have state standards, you have to follow your state standards. But you can be creative in implementing the state standards. You can use the state standards as a framework and implement a curriculum that follows your child’s interests, that makes sense for your family. You know, you can incorporate social studies in it. If you are from a particular ethnic background, you can incorporate your cultural studies into civics. You know you can incorporate so many things and meet those state standards while still creating a wonderful environment for learning. And that is the benefit that you have over schools.

And so, the schools are missing that silver bullet by not being able to customize an education for each child. The schools are missing your magic bullet by not being able to incorporate cultural studies that are important to your family.

And so, I just wanna conclude by reminding parents that there’s no magic bullet in education, there is no magic bullet in homeschooling. And feel confident, and feel encouraged that you’re educating your children, you’re giving your children a world-class education that the schools could never begin to give your child, because you’re giving them a one on one, customized education, specifically for them. And that is much closer to any silver bullet than any other traditional school setting could offer.

Thank you so much for listening to my blog post, and you can find that blog post at thesardens.com, which is going straight to my blog, or you can find my blog on my website, my main website, at www.judysarden.com. You can also find me on my podcast, The How to Homeschool Podcast. You can find that on iTunes, Stitcher, iHeartRadio and anywhere else that you listen to podcasts.

And thank you so much for listening.

WENDY – I hope that today’s blogcasts equipped and encouraged you. Remember that next week, I’ll be back with another great conversation, right here on the Homeschool Solutions podcast.

My name is Wendy Speake, I’m your host, and I am so glad that you tuned in today. But before we sign off, I’d like to invite you to subscribe right now to the Homeschool Solutions podcast through Apple or Google Play.

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But in the meantime, we’ve got this podcast, and homeschooling.mom as other great resources to support you as you educate your kids in math and science and literature, yes, but also as you train them in Godliness and love.

Until next time, this is Wendy Speake. I hope that you and your family have a wonderful day.

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