CM 3 Episode #5 Brush Drawing with Dallas Nachtigall and Julie H. Ross

CM 3 Episode #5 Brush Drawing with Dallas Nachtigall and Julie H. Ross

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Dallas Nachtigall is a Charlotte Mason home educator who studied Visual Arts in college. She specialized in Drawing, Printmaking and Sculpture. She also spent time as the Lead Art Director at 4H camps across the Midwest, has taught Charlotte Mason drawing workshops, tutored online, and run local painting service projects with both young and old.

We begin to understand that mere technique, however perfect--whether in the rendering of flesh tints, or marbles, or of a musical composition of extreme difficulty--is not necessarily high Art. It is beginning to dawn on us that Art is great only in proportion to the greatness of the idea that it expresses; while what we ask of the execution, the technique, is that it shall be adequate to the inspiring idea.”

Vol 2 pg. 262

Brush, Chalk & Charcoal video course

Bestowing The Brush Podcast

The Fesole Club Papers

Magic Cloth Paper for Brush Drawing

Brush, Chalk & Charcoal video course

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