S4E22: Homeschooling and the Enneagram (with Christa Hardin)

S4E22: Homeschooling and the Enneagram (with Christa Hardin)

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In this episode, Julie Ross interviews Christa Hardin from the Enneagram and Marriage podcast on the strengths each type brings to homeschool and how each type can use their self-knowledge to grow.

At first glance, the Enneagram might look like another “personality test,” and personality factors significantly into it. But it goes much deeper than that. It helps us see core fears, motivations, desires, strengths, blind spots, stressors, and sins that most often trip us up. When used in Christian contexts, it shows us aspects of God’s character and connects us more closely to the truth that we are made in his image and meant to reflect him in the world. -InterVarsity

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